How to use?

Instructions to use the Kolhapuri Chappals !

  • The Kolhapuri Chappals will grow on the foot so it will be tight initially but it has the tendency to expand upon regular usage.
  • If the Kolhapuri Chappal is too tight, dip the Chappal in a tap water (2 seconds) and remove it. This will make the leather soft & the chappal takes the shape of your foot.
  • Do not keep the Chappal in a closed space for a long time.
  • Due to moisture, a white fungus develops on to the leather, there is nothing to worry, just brush it off.
  • Polish the Chappal twice a week to enhance the look and shine.
  • If the Chappal is stiff, apply oil with the help of cotton to soften it.
  • Best to use in winter and summer seasons. (Do not use in water or rainy season).
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